Mushroom Canyon

N6 Of Devils and Things

In which the players go after Zohz

  • The group delved further into the Keep
  • They found Seeba in the banquet room
  • Seeba tried to release her death dog pets to aid in stopping the PCs
  • The fight was over very quickly without Seeba having hurt anyone
  • Relic knocked Seeba out (on accident) to ask questions
  • Upon coming to, Seeba told them where to find Zohz (to the best of her knowledge)
  • She also told them that if she had a choice, she would not be helping Zohz
  • Manishtu knocked her out again, and the group let her live
  • The group killed Zohz
  • Rhus turned into a tree to do a cleansing ritual, thus starting the regrowth process for the area



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