Mushroom Canyon

N4 Stories and Backtracking

in which the players get a lot of information and talk too much

  • Group wakes up to find all furnishings in the throne room gone
  • Manishtu and Relic saw big blurs shifitn in the night—general grumbling
  • Shapes were gnoll things
  • Finish rest and leave caves
  • Back to Eymnodeevil who drinks a preservative and then tells the group about the Drakkoth
  • Drakkoth = clan of centaur-like dragonmen living in the dragon bones
  • Unaffected by taint
  • They know more about Nakul and whatever he’s working for
  • Will share information once the group has proven themselves strong and worthy (kill a few)
  • Back to Lolli, who tells them about Zohz
  • Zohz works for Devils and trying to tunnel to the temple of three evils
  • The temple is wrapped in a barrier made by a lady of the Summer Court of the Feywild
  • This Summer Queen also protects Lolli and Faulin and taught Lolli to make the homunculi
  • Fluffy feather things
  • Horrible reaction to being asked to make nice with Deevil
  • Group goes for to Zohz’s keep, passing fey patches along the way
  • Rhus won’t let Relic bottle a will-o-wisp
  • Get to barrier, cross broken ground
  • Massive climb up; spiral stair
  • Many guard houses, mountain unstable
  • First: Homunculi
  • Second: chained gnoll spirits (broke chain; freed spirits)
  • Third: pillar hazard that tried to throw them off the mountain



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