Elf Seeker


Rhus Jessamine’s experiences in the forest have given her extraordinary perception and knowledge of the natural world, which due to her fey heritage can extend to that realm as well. She uses a longbow, but as a Seeker her arrows are imbued with Nature’s fury in addition to their own potent sting. She can navigate with ease in any environment, but finds herself somewhat out of her element in urban locales and when interacting with people.


Rhus is part fervent primal warrior and part rebellious teenager. She left home before she was fully considered an “adult” by those around her, since she has believed from an early age (her mother even tells of an omen at Rhus’ birth) that she is destined to serve as the hand of nature in avenging those who would pervert and destroy it. She longs to prove herself, and can therefore be very sensitive to any insinuation that she is young or unskilled. She has witnessed the twisting of the natural world near her own childhood home, and she longs to find and wreak vengeance on the person responsible, as well as those like them across the world. Because of the strength of her bond with the primal spirits, she displays skill beyond her youth and very keenly feels any disturbance to the natural order.


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