Warforged FighterPally


Relic was the creation of some eager young dwarven Artificers, and while they were proteges at their craft they could not bring this warforged to life. Conceding their failure they threw Relic out. That evening there was a storm and Relic being exposed to the elements was struck by lightning. This is when Relic met Kord, or at least what he believed was Kord. He came to life knowing that the god of lightning had brought him to life to be his paladin.

Unfortunately, Relic has no divine gift or blessings to speak of and while none of the dwarves (who were quite surprised to see him) could convince him otherwise, they did manage to teach him how to fight, and make him a very competent fighter. Since Relic was so determined to be a paladin, the dwarves made him a head guard of their sacred Relic, and while Relic was a diligent gaurd who never tired, he was incredibly forgetful at times, which would be quite understandable given his age.

Then one fateful night the temple was attacked during Relic’s watch, and the thieves stole the Relic he was guarding, and while Relic managed to hunt down and eliminate the thieves he put the Relic in one of his compartments, his safest one, and promptly forgot where he has hidden it. When he returned empty-handed to the dwarves they sent him out to find the stolen Relic and bring it back.


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