Evil gnome warlock mastermind


Nakul has a great love for all things… bad for him. He loves raising dragons that will probably eat him. He loves cultivating poisonous mushrooms that would suffocate him if he knocked them too hard. He loves messing with all manner of things to see if they goes BOOM.

9 years ago, Nakul made a very very large thing go BOOM – the entire city of ShadowCliff. He made the ground fall out from under the city, collapsing the city and destroying it almost entirely. No one knows how many survivors there were – if there were any at all. All Nakul was interested in was that it gave room for his massive mushroom garden to grow, and grow, and grow…

Now, 9 years later, Nakul sits nicely in his giant mushroom house. He doesn’t really worry about things like adventurers or major threats of any kinds. All he cares about is the size of the next BOOM.

*He is dead now



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