Shadar'kai Assassin


Kylar isn’t your typical Assassin. She isn’t dark or brooding, she doesn’t just stick to the shadows and spring out of nowhere, even though she can. Kylar loves a challenge, and goes out of her way to make every fight as challenging as possible. She is a skilled killer, and knows her training and shadow manipulation abilities make her better than the average opponent, so she deliberately handicaps herself in a variety of fashions. The main advantage that she forgoes is in the area of stealth, and does so by wearing eye catching colors. Her black armor is partially painted royal purple, she has electric blue streaks in her hair, and the hilt of her sword is wrapped in neon orange cloth. Her personality is normally very in your face, and very loud. Lately, however, since she doesn’t really know her current party all that well, and they are a little baffling at the best of times, she’s been more withdrawn, and has often tried to shrink away from Relic’s naivety and bluntness as though it might be contagious. As a result of both this and the fact that she dare not breath a word about her true profession for fear of turning the group against her, none of them have truly seen her in her element. Under normal circumstances, for example, she would have burst in on Zohz, declared herself and her intentions, and challenged him head on. Perhaps, as she gets more accustomed to them, she’ll relax and return to her more headstrong self.


History- Kylar grew up in a Shadar’kai city with her family. Her father and mother are both former Adventurers, and all three of their children have followed suit. Kylar is the middle child, and very competitive with her brothers. She was most adept at shadow manipulation of the three, but wasn’t bad with her blade by any means. When she was twelve, she became a Bleak Disciple apprentice. Her master was a Shadar’kai called Durzo, who was one of the most skilled of their order, and previously had sworn to himself he would never take an apprentice. Something about Kylar made him change his mind, but she doesn’t know what. She’s been with him for the last twelve years learning as much as she can, and improving her skills. Throughout her training and her growing up, she has killed many targets and challengers. Each victim is recorded in the designs that adorn her arms, and all worthy challengers and opponents that she has defeated are denoted by the earrings lining both ears. Since she is only 24, which by Shadar’kai standards isn’t all that old, she still has around six years to go on her apprenticeship. Though, unknown to her, Durzo thinks she’ll be ready for her Master’s test in two. As a high level apprentice, she’s allowed/expected to do solo endeavors, such as her current under taking to kill Zohz.

Extra info: Brothers- Jarrl and Logan
Jarrl is the youngest of the three, and is now a Sorcerer. As a child he was the best at magic, and chose to use it to make his mark on the world.
Logan is the oldest, and was named in honor of his father’s best friend who died honorably in combat on one of their Adventures. Of the siblings, he was the most skilled with the blade, and is now the Warlord of a renown Adventuring band.


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