Cleric of Healzalot


Once a powerful cleric whose name has been forgotten, Eymnodeevil has waned a bit. He now serves the local Sahuagin Baron, patching and mending fallen soldiers and occasionally the Baron himself. Not even he really remembers how he came to this position.

He remembers waking one day, after having slept for what seemed like years, and being pressed into the Baron’s service. Many days passed before Deevil realized something was not right with himself. The brackish green brew that the Baron forced him to drink every morning seemed too much like a drug, and Deevil always felt greatly renewed after drinking it. He had a friend, Lolli, try to analyze the brew and discovered it to be a preservative of sorts. After much research and digging around, Deevil realized he had died and been brought back as a lich of sorts. The preservative that the Baron gave him every morning was all that kept him from fading back into bones and dust.

Now, Eymnodeevil serves the Baron and does his best to help any travelers that come by. His former companions are no longer near him, not seeming to know what to do with him in his present state. It’s been years since he’s seen them. He helps those Lolli sends his way though, always trying to make sure they return to her unmolested.


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