Mushroom Canyon

N5 Into the Keep

In which the players assault the keep of Zohz

  • Lazy shadar-kai and shadow hounds were destroyed
  • Mountain started crumbling on top of the group
  • Race through the falling rocks, trying to not get hit and shrug off the effects if they did
  • Got through, barely
  • Ended up pretty badly bloodied
  • Extended rest with Exodus Knife
  • Encountered deathdogs and devils and imps guarding the door to the keep
  • Manishtu and Relic got knocked down by Deathdogs, but they got up again
  • Manishtu absolutely destroyed the Cambion (half-devil)
  • Intimidated the Shadow Strangler into one of Relic’s compartments
  • Entered the keep
  • Where they were met with hostility – two dark ones (twisted halflings) 3 wraiths and a pack of scarabs attacked on sight
  • The group had little trouble with the scarabs and dark ones, though the wraiths twisted their thoughts and had them fighting one another
  • Eventually overcame and destroyed the wraiths
  • Onward to Seeba and Zohz



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