Mushroom Canyon

N2 Dancing Away

in which the players make lots of new friends

  • Attacked in middle of night by gnoll with too many eyes too many arms, and a mouth in each shoulder
  • Upon investigation, realize the gnoll had been touched by the Far Realm and twisted
  • Gnoll destroyed most of Lolli’s homunculi
  • Lolli is brooding and drinking because of gnoll attack, won’t give much information
  • Lolli demands homunculi-making-material in return for information and answers
  • Group goes forth and finds a satyr grove
  • The mushrooms (unnatural) in the outside are growing in natural dirt, while the trees (natural) on the inside are growing in Feywilde dirt.
  • Dancing satyr are hesitant at first, but then dine and dance with their newfound friends
  • Dance for 3 loooooooong days.
  • Find a mushroom house to sleep in
  • Next day find Eymnodeevil patching up Baron of the Sahuagin.
  • Relic gathers clay
  • [[Eymnodeevil asks them to kill the myconids up the river in exchange for information about Nakul
  • First fight with myconids very hard



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