Mushroom Canyon

Fill in the Details

So in the intervening time since killing Zohz the adventuring party Has:
*Killed Nakul
*Killed a sad dragon
*Had a dream
*Learned that they big bad is some sort of Kraken creature.
*Met ’Nere
*Learned that there is a dragon in a cave system being controlled by something
*Set off to free/kill/resolve the dragon issue.

N6 Of Devils and Things
In which the players go after Zohz
  • The group delved further into the Keep
  • They found Seeba in the banquet room
  • Seeba tried to release her death dog pets to aid in stopping the PCs
  • The fight was over very quickly without Seeba having hurt anyone
  • Relic knocked Seeba out (on accident) to ask questions
  • Upon coming to, Seeba told them where to find Zohz (to the best of her knowledge)
  • She also told them that if she had a choice, she would not be helping Zohz
  • Manishtu knocked her out again, and the group let her live
  • The group killed Zohz
  • Rhus turned into a tree to do a cleansing ritual, thus starting the regrowth process for the area
N5 Into the Keep
In which the players assault the keep of Zohz
  • Lazy shadar-kai and shadow hounds were destroyed
  • Mountain started crumbling on top of the group
  • Race through the falling rocks, trying to not get hit and shrug off the effects if they did
  • Got through, barely
  • Ended up pretty badly bloodied
  • Extended rest with Exodus Knife
  • Encountered deathdogs and devils and imps guarding the door to the keep
  • Manishtu and Relic got knocked down by Deathdogs, but they got up again
  • Manishtu absolutely destroyed the Cambion (half-devil)
  • Intimidated the Shadow Strangler into one of Relic’s compartments
  • Entered the keep
  • Where they were met with hostility – two dark ones (twisted halflings) 3 wraiths and a pack of scarabs attacked on sight
  • The group had little trouble with the scarabs and dark ones, though the wraiths twisted their thoughts and had them fighting one another
  • Eventually overcame and destroyed the wraiths
  • Onward to Seeba and Zohz
N4 Stories and Backtracking
in which the players get a lot of information and talk too much
  • Group wakes up to find all furnishings in the throne room gone
  • Manishtu and Relic saw big blurs shifitn in the night—general grumbling
  • Shapes were gnoll things
  • Finish rest and leave caves
  • Back to Eymnodeevil who drinks a preservative and then tells the group about the Drakkoth
  • Drakkoth = clan of centaur-like dragonmen living in the dragon bones
  • Unaffected by taint
  • They know more about Nakul and whatever he’s working for
  • Will share information once the group has proven themselves strong and worthy (kill a few)
  • Back to Lolli, who tells them about Zohz
  • Zohz works for Devils and trying to tunnel to the temple of three evils
  • The temple is wrapped in a barrier made by a lady of the Summer Court of the Feywild
  • This Summer Queen also protects Lolli and Faulin and taught Lolli to make the homunculi
  • Fluffy feather things
  • Horrible reaction to being asked to make nice with Deevil
  • Group goes for to Zohz’s keep, passing fey patches along the way
  • Rhus won’t let Relic bottle a will-o-wisp
  • Get to barrier, cross broken ground
  • Massive climb up; spiral stair
  • Many guard houses, mountain unstable
  • First: Homunculi
  • Second: chained gnoll spirits (broke chain; freed spirits)
  • Third: pillar hazard that tried to throw them off the mountain
N3 Myconids and Kylar
in which the players find a new friend and burn people alive
  • Fought their way through an ooze
  • Found Kylar
  • Burned a bunch of blightbeasts and myconid guards
  • Fought the sovereign and friends who could share damage
  • Found an Exodus Knife and the poisons (in an Exodus room)
  • Relic did not get to keep poison, but did find gems
  • Destroyed the poisons by shooting a burning arrow into the room and sealing it
  • Made room with knife and took extended rest
N2 Dancing Away
in which the players make lots of new friends
  • Attacked in middle of night by gnoll with too many eyes too many arms, and a mouth in each shoulder
  • Upon investigation, realize the gnoll had been touched by the Far Realm and twisted
  • Gnoll destroyed most of Lolli’s homunculi
  • Lolli is brooding and drinking because of gnoll attack, won’t give much information
  • Lolli demands homunculi-making-material in return for information and answers
  • Group goes forth and finds a satyr grove
  • The mushrooms (unnatural) in the outside are growing in natural dirt, while the trees (natural) on the inside are growing in Feywilde dirt.
  • Dancing satyr are hesitant at first, but then dine and dance with their newfound friends
  • Dance for 3 loooooooong days.
  • Find a mushroom house to sleep in
  • Next day find Eymnodeevil patching up Baron of the Sahuagin.
  • Relic gathers clay
  • [[Eymnodeevil asks them to kill the myconids up the river in exchange for information about Nakul
  • First fight with myconids very hard
N1 Entry to to the Canyon
in which the players discover the illusionary cliff
  • got into the canyon, past Nakul’s illusion
  • Met Drew and his basilisks; traded Relic’s holy symbol for safe passage down
  • Found tons of homunculi guarding a giant mushroom house
  • Made friends with a centipede who led the group to Lolli and Faulin’s house
  • Faulin threw Useful Book at Manishtu who pocketed it
  • Group met Lolli who is (quite drunken) homunculi-maker
  • Offered rest places upstairs

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